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Comprehensive Towing & Recovery Services

At Central Towing & Transport, we provide our neighbors throughout Fremont, Alameda County and the surrounding areas with urgent and reliable towing services at some of the region’s most competitive prices. We offer emergency towing and roadside assistance services 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The services we offer include but are not limited to:

24/7 Emergency Towing, Recovery & Roadside Service

Serving Alameda County For Over 80 Years

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Heavy-Duty Towing & Recovery

Looking to transport a semi truck or any other piece of heavy-duty machinery? Not every tow company has the equipment and training to complete heavy-duty towing projects. When you call on Central Towing & Transport, you can rest assured your heavy-duty truck, trailer or other piece of equipment will be transported safely and securely.

Roadside Assistance


Not every issue you run into on the road is going to call for a tow truck. For all of life’s smaller inconveniences--from dead batteries to empty fuel tanks, locked-out vehicles and everything in between--Central Towing & Transport is equipped to deliver timely and professional roadside assistance services at the Bay Area’s most competitive prices.

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Central Towing & Transport is fully trained, licensed and certified to complete local and long-distance transport projects for light- to heavy-duty vehicles. Whether you need your equipment hauled across city lines, county lines or even state lines, our technicians will work with you to schedule a prompt transport job at a competitive rate.

Light Duty

Light- to Medium-Duty Towing & Recovery

From compact cars to sedans, motorcycles, vans, small trucks and everything in between, Central Towing & Transport has the equipment and expertise to perform a clean, damage-free tow for your vehicle at an affordable price. Our wreckers can retrieve vehicles from even the most severe post-accident conditions.

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